Well let’s get the ball rolling. I’m about to go full steam ahead on a graphic novel, called The Last Dream of Toulouse. Work on this project began a couple of years ago, inspired by all things Parisian in particular within the latter part of the 1800s. The provocative images of the Moulin Rouge, the beautiful gas lit colour palettes and a gay abandonment of the creative mind is indeed beguiling. Of course the figure that first came to mind was the enigmatic pioneer Henri Toulouse-Lautrec. A man whose art and illustration became a resounding voice in his field and beyond. Although this was not simply going to be a book about a well-known artist, there are dreams to be had!


Many of my ideas come from designing characters and this particular one was pinned on my wall for months. It’s usually in-between commission work that I take a few sheets out from the printer tray and begin doodling. If I was to set out on doing this alone, the prospect of it having to mean something, would soon see my pencils put down followed by a brain freeze. But this one sketch seemed to shine out more than the dozen or so pins on my wall, and after some more character development (I’ll pop these into the second post) a spark for a possible narrative was lit!

So, over the next few weeks I’ll be looking back at work already produced and reigniting it with a fresh sense of purpose. As the posts progress there will be parts that I already know up to now, but it will soon catch up to unknown territory, and that’s where I love being the most. Those moments when confusion meets clarity and the images in one’s mind become clearer and always surprise you. And I really welcome your thoughts and opinions as I trundle along with this venture. Just click the follow buttons or use one of the social media formats of your choice, to stay on track.

In the Next Post – I’ll be sharing some more character development plus the beginnings of processing the book as a whole.