Phew that was another full on drawing session with 225 scans now reading in Bridge!

So all the shots with our little hero have been almost roughed out – just the back cover to do and I’m done with the first unit of directing and every other job from wardrobe to cinematography  undertaken. The thing I love about narrative illustration and particular in book format, is I get to play the whole crew.

A live film will begin visual life as a storyboard, and I suppose this is the place I like to play in. It’s got all I need with the added benefit of being both imaginative and a tangible product, so readily available on a surface of your choosing. Well enough of waxing lyrical about the virtues of illustration and back to the process of the book!


As you can see, I’ve printed out another dummy book, this time in its swanky new portrait, classy comic format. I’m so glad I made the change.  This second dummy is not meant to be a constructed page turner, rather a way for me to come off the screen and see the layouts physically. I’ve still got a lot to do!  It’s time to put the second unit into gear and shoot the many co-stars who have to take part in Henris shenanigans (it’s a lovely word that isn’t it?  ‘Shenanigans’)  I’ll be scouring the pages to see what needs developing next, including the many handpainted backgrounds that will feature throughout. As mentioned before – those will be another loose narrative running behind the main event which will be more about the aspects of Toulouse’s possible unconscious feelings, whatever that’s supposed to mean?!


I’m having short break from the project, whilst I work on commission work and pieces for my agents new portfolio, but I’ll be back hopefully with a full size dummy book of the finished book – well in roughs that is!