I did lock myself away, in part. Yet of course the book is nowhere near completion. But I highly recommended it! With no definite insight I decided to head on over to my local library and find the quiet study room. To flesh out a narrative. I had a title, a page of notes, with key dates and some characters that Henri would have conversed with, (some in his imagination!) including a turbulent father son relationship. And lots of blank paper!


For roughs I tend to work in 2 stages. The first being small-scale thumbnails. It’s a good way to visualise quickly.


So I set out everyday for about 6 days and sketched out The Last Dream of Toulouse. It was a process where nothing was planned, each image inspired the next. The sequence was happening spontaneously. The word dream, was all I had to go on and that’s what it seemed like. Before I knew it, 25 spreads had been drawn and I was ready to begin work on finished roughs. Although it still needed a lot of work. I was almost halfway there!

In the Next post – Working on Roughs .