Other character ideas quickly came into play. I’d thought a lot about the circus’s of the 1800’s with their weird and wonderful performers. A story had begun to unfold with a possible Cirque du Ghoul twist. I wanted to include these strange creatures and thought Toulouse could’ve had an adventure casting a crew of outcasts. Finding solace, belonging with the creatures of the underworld. But during the development I couldn’t see them sustaining a full length book. So I started to look more in depth into Toulouse’s life and death. Making notes along the way.


Character work always helps me to sustain ideas. Sketches lie around my studio. It can be weeks or months before they are picked up again. That resting time is great, however I’m prone to procrastination brought on by the dreaded doubt, which creeps into the mind and puts the whole affair into dispute. It happens alot with my ideas. I get so far down the line and lose faith in my ability to carry on. I had to find some way to flesh it out undisturbed.

Working in solace was needed, if I was to fulfil this project, without those nagging doubts! It was an all or nothing!

In the Next Post – Thumbnails and working in solitude until the job is done.